Please contact Kate on 0414550302 or via email.

Depending on availability we have many breeds to choose from. Peak hatching occurs in the Spring and Autumn.  

Prices vary with age and breed from the cost effective crosses to the rare and unusual. POL pullets range from $25 to $55 in price.

All birds are fully vaccinated.

Breeds include:

  • Araucana - Blue, Black, Splash. lavender Cuckoo
  • Australorp standard- Blue, Black, Splash and White
  • Bantam Australorp- Blue, Black and White
  • Bantam Rhode Island reds 
  • Campine Gold, Silver 
  • Farmyard crosses (non commercial crosses of heritage breeds) 
  • New Hampshire
  • Large Rhode Island Reds
  • Frizzles
  • I-Fav (Favorelle crossed to make a friendly good layer)
  • Pekin bantams - Many colours
  • Barred Ausrocks
  • Silkies - occassionally
  • Sussex - Light, Coronation, Platinum, Buff, Speckled and Silver plus project colours in lavender cream, platinum cuckoo, Blue buff, Salmon, Blue silver and crele
  • Wyandotte's bantam  - Partridge, silver pencilled,  Columbian
  • Fraggle rocks - Large plymouth rock frizzles
  • Rhode Island Fred's - Large Rhode Island Red Frizzles
  • Ducks