There are a few basic practices which help to keep your poultry happy and healthy.

Ideally poultry should be checked and treated for worms and lice/mites each change of season.

All chickens carry a worm load and may appear perfectly healthy but worms can compromise their immunity and limit their ability to handle stressful situations leaving them vulnerable to disease. Mites and lice are also a big contributor to ill health in poultry and signs may not be obvious until the chicken is really unwell.


Avian Insect Liquidator controls mites, lice, flies, spiders and ants for direct use on birds and coops. Up to 6 weeks protection.

Ready to use 500ml              $25

Concentrate 100ml                $22

Concentrate  500ml               $60

vetafarm AIL.pdf vetafarm AIL.pdf
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Wormout Gel

Effective against roundworm, hookworm, caecal worm, thread worm, and tape worm. Simple directions and measured dose pump.

Water soluble 100ml             $25

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Avitrol Plus

Alternate wormer with different active ingredient available as convenient tablet form or liquid concentrate.

Effective against Threadworm, Caecal worm, Roundworm, Gape worm and Tape worm.

100 tablets                                $15

avitrol plus bird wormer tablets - ti.pdf avitrol plus bird wormer tablets - ti.pdf
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Spark Liquid

Sustained release energy and electrolytes for times of stress, heat and recovery.

125ml                                    $20

Larger sizes available on request

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Poly Aid Plus

May just save the life of critically sick, injured and stressed birds by providing vital nutrients.

80g                                       $25

Larger sizes available on request

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